BKE aims to create solutions for institutions that will help them to gain competitiveness in the areas of human resources and management techniques.
Parallel to the changing economic, technological and competitiveness conditions both in the world and our country, managing companies in the most effective way has become vital. It is a proven fact that the main differentiator between companies are their employees. Effective management of companies is only possible if the institute is equipped with the most advanced management tools, and is able to find, develop and manage the right resources in the right way.
Ufuk Esin
Aysun Barın
Ebru Barın
E-mail : ufukesin@bkeconsulting.com.tr
Tel : +90 (212) 371 47 42

Ufuk Esin, born in Ankara in 1962, graduated from Ankara College High School and then METU Engineering Faculty, where he also earned his Master degree. He started working for IBM Türk Ltd.Şti. in Ankara as a System Engineer, in 1989 and was assigned as a Sales Manager to IBM İstanbul, in 1997. In 1999 , he bacame the GIT countries (Greece, Israel, Turkey) Operation and Sales Manager, while he continued his role in İstanbul as a Sales Manager responsible from Personal Computer Division IBM Türk at the South Region center based in Milano-Italy. In 2001, he was assigned as the Country Manager responsible of the Personal Computer Division in Turkey within IBM Türk Ltd. Şti. Following this, when Lenovo aquired IBM’s Personal Computer Division for 1.75 Billion Dolars, he established Lenovo’s Turkey office and became the General Manager.

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